Phazes Transformation

Are you ready to change your life?
12 weeks of amazing fat-burning workouts designed to sculpt and tone the body for every fitness level in just 24 minutes/ day!

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12 exercises

Work the entire body! 3 cardio blasts, 3 lower body focused exercises, 3 upper body, 3 core exercises that change every single week!

12 minute rounds

Each round is just 12 minutes. 2 rounds of the Phazes circuit gets you optimal results in just 24 minutes/day!

12 weeks!

Enjoy a different workout each week. Get rid of exercise boredom and get optimal results with fun new workouts to keep you challenged!

Transform your body!

Phazes Fitness has changed the bodies and lives of 100's of clients over the past decade! Phazes 40/20 circuit will get you results! 

Choose your fitness level

Unique to the Phazes circuit is what we call the "silver level" for those with extreme difficulty with exercise. And on the other end of the spectrum we have challenge levels to move to as you get stronger and better or to just challenge the athletes trying this program.  Every fitness level will get exactly what they need!


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