St. George Ironman 2019

I tell people that I have done the Ironman every year since it first came to St. George, Utah, but I have never crossed the finish line.

It's true.  I have.

But my way of doing the Ironman isn't the way a lot of people would think.  I "do the ironman" from the top of my kayak or paddleboard and support the swimmers in the race.

In case you didn't know, the Ironman is a Triathlon event.  Athletes swim, bike and run long distances in each leg of the event.  It's an amazing thing to accomplish as an athlete.  It's also amazing to be involved as a volunteer.

Every year for the Ironman, I wake up early on that Saturday morning and head to the water's edge hours before the sun is up to meet the rest of the water support team.  We get assigned our stretch of water and some instruction on how to do our job and then we head out across the lake to take our spot.  

Every year my husband and I have jumped in and done our part assisting in keeping...

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Fit Chicks or Boards and Babes?


Blissful, magical weekend.

I just spent 3 days camping at Quail Creek State park with some AMAZING women.

This is FIT CHICKS Campout.

I am going to try and describe to you just how awesome it was.  But just like taking pictures, it's always better in real life.

My buddy, Nikki Revis and I, put together the plans for our 2nd annual Fit Chicks Campout together.  It's RevvFitness meets Phazes Fitness and it's the bomb!

Day one: After meeting at RevvFitness studio in Hurricane Utah, and handing out the awesome goodie bags, We carpooled to Quail Creek State Park and received basic Kayaking Instruction.  Then we paddled across the lake and had a picnic and hike on the far side of Quail Lake. 

The Views were amazing! The weather was perfect.  The water was beautiful.  One daredevil, Heather, decided to jump in the cool water and really take it all in. We kayaked back and had a little free time before dinner.

For dinner we had delicious...

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"Mistakes are the Portals of Discovery"

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2019

How many times have you ever thought, "I wish I could do that?" and then don't even try?

How many times have you laughed at someone trying something that didn't go so well?

Have you ever watched those "fail videos" of people attempting something new and different and "failing" and laughed at them?

I have.

Do you worry about what other people think if you look silly trying something new that you KNOW you can't do, yet?

Have you ever watched a determined toddler attempt the new and impossible?

If you really want to get inspired, follow a 2 or 3 year old around for a while.  Nothing stops them.  They won't take "NO" for an answer.

I've raised 5 kids and I can tell you from experience, a determined kid will find a way to do the dangerous, messy tough stuff.  A baby will get back up over and over and over again when attempting to walk.

Remember falling on your bike the and scraping up your knees the first time you tried?

How is it that as adults we tend to worry about...

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Healthy Skin From the Inside

health nutrition skincare Mar 20, 2019

A couple of weeks ago after I spoke at a Women's Forum, I was surprised when a woman came up to me after and asked about my skin care regimen.  I wasn't presenting or selling anything related to skin care.  It took me back for a second.  You see, I don't have one.  I wash my face with soap and water and put on lotion and go.

I rarely ever wear any makeup other than a little eyeliner and eyebrow pencil and that's it.

I am not even brand loyal.  Technically I am a NUSKIN rep.  BUT, I just use their awesome whitening toothpaste and am not currently using their skincare line that I hear is amazing.

I don't know what kind of soap I use.  It's probably something I brought home from a hotel.  My lotion I use currently, I got at Walmart - Neutrogena oil-free SPF 15.  Sometimes I use Oil of Olay.  Seriously.  It changes sometimes.

The question comes back, why then is my skin blemish free and looking radiant most of the time?

Truth is, I...

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Sleep Better

health recovery rest sleep Mar 01, 2019

A good night's rest is crucial to your health.

Your body repairs and heals at night.  Lack of proper rest ages you and effects weight loss and metabolism.

Get your sleep!

How much sleep do you need?  Well the studies are all different.  This depends on your age and your resting metabolic rate.  For most of us, around 8 hours is ideal.  As we get older it seems to be less and less.  

Getting to sleep is the tricky part for many of us.

Here are a few tips to make bed time easier.

1 - Turn off the electronics at least an hour or 2 before bed.  Don't fall asleep with the TV or Cell phone going.  This disrupts sleep patterns and effects you quality of sleep at night.

2 - Don't eat before bed time.  I recommend you haven't eaten for 2 hours before bed.  If you do HAVE to eat something,  try drinking a warm herbal tea first.  If you are still starving, have a SMALL or 1/2 portion of a lean protein and another cup of an herbal...

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My home is my body

This morning during my morning success habits, as I was spending time thanking God for everything I have, I thanked him, as always, for the home I live in.  I meant every word as I expressed grattitude for the house.  We don't own it yet.  It's not perfect.  There are things I want to change.  

So there I was in meditation and prayer about my home and my mind started wandering.  I saw better places for furniture to be moved.  I know where I want to add a doggy door.  I see better flooring going in.  I see that some furniture will be replaced at some point.  There might be paint added and lighting fixed, etc...  

In the moment of gratitude I also saw room for change. 

It wasn't a feeling of not loving my home.  It was the opposite.

I see working on my health and fitness the same way.  As I exercise, my body changes.  I do have some physical goals I want to attain.  I know that changing my body...

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How do you create your own workout plan?

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2019

When I worked as a personal trainer, one of my duties was to help clients create a workout program that not only got results, but also was something they could stick to.  Common questions people asked me all the time were:

How long should a workout session last?

How often should I workout?

What parts of the body should I work on what days?

How often should I do cardio versus strength training?

What types of exercises are going to get me the best results?


I hope to answer some of these questions here.   Some things to ask yourself are:

1 - What kind of results do you want? 

2 - How much time do you have?  What is your schedule?

3 - What do you love to do?

In the studio I owned, I showed them a class schedule and workout times for Circuit training and personal training hours.  We would circle the classes and times of day they could come to the gym to do the programs they needed and/or would enjoy the most.  Then I would have them pre-register...

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".... I go walking, after midnight..."

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2019

Anyone start singing that old ditty when they read the title of this blog or am I just old?

I started to think of the idea of this post and suddenly all the scary movies I've ever watched came to mind.  But then "tough girl" came out and said, "Hell NO!  No one is keeping me locked in a cage and keeping me afraid of living life to it's fullest!"

I live in the desert of Southern Utah.  Snow is very rare out here.  Well this week we had a BIG snowstorm. Yeah, I know you people out there in cold weather areas would giggle at our BIG snowstorm.  I mean, we are getting like 8 inches in 2 days! 

Okay, okay, I'm kind of laughing too.  I am from Wyoming so....  yeah.... I giggle.   But I've lived here for about 20 years now so this is my new normal weak snowstorms that are a big deal out here.

This bring me to my point...

Last night my 19 year old son tells me at 9pm, "I'm going for a walk at night in the snow."

He took the dog and left to...

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I changed my friends to change me

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2019

Several years ago I dumped my friends and found some new ones. I was unhealthy physically and mentally and I associated with those that were the very same. Unhealthy, unhappy and often put me down when I spoke my dreams. I told one of my “friends” my dream of opening my own fitness program. Her response was “You aim too high”.  Seriously?  I wasn't dreaming big enough. 

As I was trying to fix my health habits, build a new business and trying to lose weight and get well mentally, I was hanging out with those that were dragging me down. So I chose to dump my "friends".

The best thing I ever did was start running. Not that running was the best kind of exercise. Truth is, I don't get as great of physical results from running as I do from doing the Phazes Circuit or other interval training programs. BUT, What I did get out of running was this...

Inspiration from others.

As I joined running groups and associated with people crossing finish lines on a...

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Discover your "why"...

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019

I am about to take you through the most powerful tool you will ever have for long term health... finding your WHY and making it more of a bigger part of your daily actions rather than pushed into the back of your subconscious mind.  Let's pull it out to the front and make it the tool you will have to get you the success you need.   Grab a piece of paper and a writing utensil and actually write down the answers to the following questions.  

 - Why did you Visit this site?

- What are you looking for?

- If you've signed up for the Phazes 12 week transformation, Why did you do it?

- If not, What programs have you signed up for and why?

– What aspects of the challenge make you the most excited?

– Personally, what is the challenge doing for you?

– When you finish this round of the challenge what will be different for you?

 - Visualize what it looks like to reach your goals.  What stands out to you?

- Looking at who you...

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