Take that assessment!

I ask my clients to do a fitness assessment every 4 weeks to track their results.  It's a scary step.  I hear many of them say they are nervous to even step into that place.  To take that photo, to try and see how long they can hold a plank, time a mile, measure the belly button line, etc...

It's scary to take that step when you are out of shape.    If you are in that place of feeling scary to do that assessment, you are not alone.  Even I get in that space.  Feel the fear and do it anyway!

A fitness assessment can consist of a number of different things.  You can weigh and measure.  You can test how long you hold a plank or wall sit.  You can see how many pushups or pull ups you can do.  You can test your body fat.  You can visit a doctor and get some blood work done.  There are a number of things you can choose to do.

Barebones  -  I suggest testing a skill - like strength and cardio and getting a photo taken.  In the Phazes Transformation program, you get a full fitness assessment form to fill out that includes all these things.

Don't put a lot of importance into what the scale says.  The scale is NOT the best way to track your results.  It will not take into account how much faster and stronger you are.  PLUS muscle weighs more than fat AND takes up a lot less space.  It is VERY possible to lose inches, drop in pants sizes and not see a change in the scale.  That's why we do other tests in our fitness assessment. 

Don't be scare of it.

12 weeks into this program, you'll wish you had taken your fitness test.  And then you keep going and a year later when you see drastic improvements you never thought possible, you'll wish you had a good before photo.  Take it from someone that has ZERO before photos from my day one in 2008.  I have ZERO photos of me from when I started.  I wish I could show you how far I've come. I wish I had times me walking a mile during the time I could barely walk half a block.  I wish I had attempted a fitness assessment to show that I could NOT do a single knee push-up or hold a plank at all.  I wish I had something to say... "LOOK WHAT I DID!"

I want YOU to have that!

I want YOU to have something that you can look back on and see how for you've come.

Do yourself that favor and do that for you.  

These are my results from 12 weeks of the Phazes program one year ago.

Since doing this, I went back to working at the lake and eating chips and soda and I am back to the Phazes Transformation again to kick my butt back into shape.

Here's where I am at square one once again as I start over:

I am staying accountable to my clients and joining you all to get the results I KNOW this program gives.  Tonight I will be testing my strength (Pushups, plank, Squat hold, etc...) and a timed mile.  I am nervous.  Just like everyone else because I had let myself relax in the intensity of my workouts lately.  I know I am NOT where I was 5 years ago.  BUT I am DEFINITELY NOT where I was 11 years ago either.  

There are always ups and downs in our lives.  I am ready for a big push again to see what can be done in 12 weeks.  Are you ready for it?

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