Fit Chicks or Boards and Babes?


Blissful, magical weekend.

I just spent 3 days camping at Quail Creek State park with some AMAZING women.

This is FIT CHICKS Campout.

I am going to try and describe to you just how awesome it was.  But just like taking pictures, it's always better in real life.

My buddy, Nikki Revis and I, put together the plans for our 2nd annual Fit Chicks Campout together.  It's RevvFitness meets Phazes Fitness and it's the bomb!

Day one: After meeting at RevvFitness studio in Hurricane Utah, and handing out the awesome goodie bags, We carpooled to Quail Creek State Park and received basic Kayaking Instruction.  Then we paddled across the lake and had a picnic and hike on the far side of Quail Lake. 

The Views were amazing! The weather was perfect.  The water was beautiful.  One daredevil, Heather, decided to jump in the cool water and really take it all in. We kayaked back and had a little free time before dinner.

For dinner we had delicious tinfoil dinners with steak pieces, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, onions and potatoes.  So delish. 

At sunset we went over to the Dig Paddlesports shop and received some basic Stand Up Paddling instruction from yours truly.

Head lamps and lights were handed out and strapped on as we headed out in the dark for the most unbelievable night paddle.  The air was warm.  Stars were brilliant.  The water was calm.  There was no wind.  Just the lights on the boards, the still water and the stars above.   Truly this was the highlight of my weekend.  So incredible.

Saturday morning we ate this scrumptious Oatmeal bake with bananas, walnuts and blueberries cooked in the dutch oven over the coals. Oh yeah!  Best way to start the day.

Headed to the beach for a quick Beach Bootcamp and then got back on some Stand Up Paddleboards for SUP Yoga on the water.  Are you kidding me?  No.  No I am not.  Yoga on SUP's.  On the water.  I do this all summer long.  But for most ladies, this was their first experience with this. We felt the water movements as we breathed in the sun and sky and felt the breeze.  We started nice and easy and then built up to more and more difficult moves to challenge the brave and adventurous.  It's always fun to see someone do a headstand on a board for the first time.

We ended SUP Yoga with a "connected savasana".  I won't give it all away, because you really need to experience it.  But it's an incredible experience feeling the energy of other amazing people as you flow with the water.

We paddled back to shore, took a break and got ready for lunch and some play time on the water carpet, a big floating mat that all 10 of us were able to get on at the same time.  Lots of giggles and laughter playing on the water and the beach.

We ate lunch, grilled Turkey Burgers.  And then we headed out for a hike in Red Cliffs.

Red Cliffs is one of the best kept secrets of Southern Utah.  But it's getting busier every year.  The red rocks and the blue sky and canyons are breath taking.  We hit it at the right time of year when there is still water in the pools.  Normally during the heat of the summer, the pools are dry.  But in April, the water is still there and you can enjoy the desert beauty in a whole different light.

I watched these women conquer fears and climb and scramble over rocks and around cliff edges with a rope.  I was witness to teamwork, camaraderie and bravery.  These are brave, strong, compassionate women I get to work with.

We got back to our campsite and enjoyed a refreshing catered dinner from Costa Vida. It hit the spot and was exactly what we needed.

Around the campfire that night we enjoyed more giggles, laughter, stories and connection.  And we had dessert - Banana boats roasted over the fire. YES!  Dark chocolate chips, walnuts, bananas and a few marshmallows, the treat was so needed.  Hey, even Fit Chicks need a treat once in a while.


Sunday morning we enjoyed egg scrambles for breakfast and then it was Yoga on the beach.   It was an amazing morning with perfect weather. 

After Yoga on the beach we did a final paddle out on Stand Up Paddleboards before going home.  It was relaxing and beautiful.

The feeling was...  Perfect.

There was a connection to the earth and to women that invigorated and awakened the soul.

It was a much needed break from the stress of daily life.  I love these women and can't wait to see them next time. 

Yes, you CAN reserve your spot for next year. Nikki and I can't wait to have your join our group of awesome friends.

Click here to register for the next one!

See you there!



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