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health nutrition skincare Mar 20, 2019

A couple of weeks ago after I spoke at a Women's Forum, I was surprised when a woman came up to me after and asked about my skin care regimen.  I wasn't presenting or selling anything related to skin care.  It took me back for a second.  You see, I don't have one.  I wash my face with soap and water and put on lotion and go.

I rarely ever wear any makeup other than a little eyeliner and eyebrow pencil and that's it.

I am not even brand loyal.  Technically I am a NUSKIN rep.  BUT, I just use their awesome whitening toothpaste and am not currently using their skincare line that I hear is amazing.

I don't know what kind of soap I use.  It's probably something I brought home from a hotel.  My lotion I use currently, I got at Walmart - Neutrogena oil-free SPF 15.  Sometimes I use Oil of Olay.  Seriously.  It changes sometimes.

The question comes back, why then is my skin blemish free and looking radiant most of the time?

Truth is, I eat really well.  90% of the time my diet ROCKS!  I drink a TON of water.  I eat loads of veggies.  I drink my Shakeology every morning (buy it on the store link). RARELY do I have sugary chemically laden foods.  I've almost eliminated that stuff out of my life.  I do not eat processed foods. ( I DO enjoy occasional treats though).

If I were to give what I believe are my best skin care tips, this is what I think they are:

1 - I have removed chemicals from my diet as well as stay away from sugary foods

2 - I drink loads of water (almost a gallon every day)

3 - I drink a superfood shake every morning

4 - I don't wear makeup except on rare occassion Or I just wear minimal amounts and never ever cake my face with other products

5 - I eat my veggies 6-8 servings a day

6 - I enjoy yoga, dancing, smiling, playing hard, regular hard sweaty workouts (Phazes 40/20) 

My feeling is between great nutrition, staying hydrated, not caking my face with product, sweating out the toxins and doing the things I love...

I think all of that shows in my skin.  

And that is what I think are my best tips for skin care.  In case anyone else wants to ask.


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