".... I go walking, after midnight..."

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2019

Anyone start singing that old ditty when they read the title of this blog or am I just old?

I started to think of the idea of this post and suddenly all the scary movies I've ever watched came to mind.  But then "tough girl" came out and said, "Hell NO!  No one is keeping me locked in a cage and keeping me afraid of living life to it's fullest!"

I live in the desert of Southern Utah.  Snow is very rare out here.  Well this week we had a BIG snowstorm. Yeah, I know you people out there in cold weather areas would giggle at our BIG snowstorm.  I mean, we are getting like 8 inches in 2 days! 

Okay, okay, I'm kind of laughing too.  I am from Wyoming so....  yeah.... I giggle.   But I've lived here for about 20 years now so this is my new normal weak snowstorms that are a big deal out here.

This bring me to my point...

Last night my 19 year old son tells me at 9pm, "I'm going for a walk at night in the snow."

He took the dog and left to walk in the snow.   He inspired me.  I love that he wanted to enjoy the wonder of the snow falling at night.  There's a magic in it.  I love creating challenges.  Tonight I am walking in the snow.  I will probably bring someone else and my dog and a big stick.    I've watched too many crime shows.  I am planning for any bad guys out there.  LOL!  

Walk at night in the snow.

I believe in seeing the sun and the benefits of getting in the sun.  But I also believe in enjoying the wonder of the night sky, street lights, and the glimmer of the snow as it falls.


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