"Mistakes are the Portals of Discovery"

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2019

How many times have you ever thought, "I wish I could do that?" and then don't even try?

How many times have you laughed at someone trying something that didn't go so well?

Have you ever watched those "fail videos" of people attempting something new and different and "failing" and laughed at them?

I have.

Do you worry about what other people think if you look silly trying something new that you KNOW you can't do, yet?

Have you ever watched a determined toddler attempt the new and impossible?

If you really want to get inspired, follow a 2 or 3 year old around for a while.  Nothing stops them.  They won't take "NO" for an answer.

I've raised 5 kids and I can tell you from experience, a determined kid will find a way to do the dangerous, messy tough stuff.  A baby will get back up over and over and over again when attempting to walk.

Remember falling on your bike the and scraping up your knees the first time you tried?

How is it that as adults we tend to worry about failure when as kids it was just of our plan?

I've learned to look at failure as a path to success.  I have learned that if I risk failure, I learn something new.  

Did you marry the first person you dated?  Most likely not.  You had to learn about relationships and each "failed" relationship was a path to find the person you would eventually be with forever, hopefully.  Right?

Do you still have that first job you ever took?  I did not fail at working at McDonald's because I am not the franchise owner but instead quit and moved on to something else at 16 years old.   I learned a lot about people, food service and how hard it is to keep those bathrooms clean.  I also learned to respect people that work in those places as I know the messes they get to clean up.  Each job I had was an opportunity to learn something new.  I have done a LOT of different jobs over my 40+ years of life.  I have owned several businesses.  I have "failed" many many times.  I've made plenty of mistakes.   Instead of regret, I feel ...  I guess just... educated.  I have learned.

One of my favorite classes to teach is Dance Fitness.  I'm up front leading a class and I bring in new choreography to show my clients.  NO ONE does it right.  I love it!

There is joy in the misstep! There is laughter in the learning!  In dance fitness you learn as you go.  You make mistakes as part of the class design.  There is a smile on everyone's faces in the process of learning.

It is a beautiful metaphor for our own daily adventure in making mistakes.  Of trying new things and making a misstep as we learn the way life, relationships, business, fitness, etc... is "supposed to go."   OR we may learn a better way of doing things.

How many food out there were created because of a mistake?  How many medicines created because of a healthy relationship with making mistakes while you discover?

The saddest thing I hear from people is "I want to try that someday."  Or "When I get more fit I will attempt..."

My heroes are those who try the new and weird and wild things to do and do not let their fear keep them from the joy of discovery.  May YOU feel that joy!

What will you try today?



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