My home is my body

This morning during my morning success habits, as I was spending time thanking God for everything I have, I thanked him, as always, for the home I live in.  I meant every word as I expressed grattitude for the house.  We don't own it yet.  It's not perfect.  There are things I want to change.  

So there I was in meditation and prayer about my home and my mind started wandering.  I saw better places for furniture to be moved.  I know where I want to add a doggy door.  I see better flooring going in.  I see that some furniture will be replaced at some point.  There might be paint added and lighting fixed, etc...  

In the moment of gratitude I also saw room for change. 

It wasn't a feeling of not loving my home.  It was the opposite.

I see working on my health and fitness the same way.  As I exercise, my body changes.  I do have some physical goals I want to attain.  I know that changing my body allows me to accomplish greater things, gives me more energy and creates a better quality of life as I grow older. 

I love this body.  It isn't perfect.  It never will be.  There will be wrinkles.  There will always be something that hangs or sags.  But it is incredible.  And while I can honor and love this body of mine where it is today,  I can simultaneously  look forward to the changes I am making as I go forward in a healthy lifestyle.

Love where you are and who you are.  Never let loving who you are today, keep you from setting goals to be better tomorrow.  

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