Plan to succeed!

We have just started our winter challenge group.  Clients are chomping at the bit to get started.  They just want to jump in and see results.  I have to stop them and force some of them to take a deep breathe.  Let's just take a couple of days for planning.  Don't stress about getting rolling too fast.

Step one is always plan.  Take the first day of the week and just plan and prepare.  Use the day to map things out.  Do some meal prepping.  Plan your meals.  Plan your shopping lists.  Write down your workout times on your calendar.

When I am mapping out my calendar I put in important dates, commitments, activities, etc...

Next I put in my personal development.  I have found that my personal development time is usually first thing in the morning BEFORE any other commitment anyway.  USUALLY my time for me is before 7:30am.

There are some exception to this.  Like those classes I love and want to attend, some of them are not before 7:30am.  I really want to go to that Yoga class at 10:30am.  Lucky me, I have a job that can allow that.  I write it in like a doctor's appointment.  It is a part of my self care.  

If your job doesn't allow the freedom that mine does, then maybe you need to block in your workouts 30 minutes earlier in the day than when you normally wake up.  Or maybe you have found that evenings work better for you.  Put it in and make that commitment.

I will also write in my calendar WHAT I plan on eating that day.  On my to do list I write things like "Put chicken in the crock pot".  I am that way that check lists are needed to make sure I get things done.  Make your lists.  Use your calendar.  Block in your foods and time to do what you need to do.

Take time to prepare and plan your week.

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