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equipment faq questions Feb 03, 2019

You've got questions and I've got answers...

Q: What is the Phazes 40/20 Circuit?

A: The Phazes 40/20 Circuit is a series of 12 exercises (3 cardio bursts, 3 lower body focused, 3 upper body focused and 3 Core focused) that are done for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest.  They are arranged in an order to give you maximum results in a short amount of time. Our 12 week program switches these exercises each week giving you a total of 144 different exercises.


Q: What equipment is needed?

A: Honestly, when I was dirt poor I made workout like this work with absolutely nothing.  BUT... what we will be using most is a set of dumbells and a mat.  Depending on which week you are on you might also want - a jump rope, a Stability or Swiss Ball, Step up platform, and Kettlebell.  In each video we show options if you don't have a jump rope, Ball, Kettlebell or step up platform.  We do not show options without weights.  BUT, if you are seriously without and don't have the budget for equipment, grab household items to lift.  OR you can go to my store and buy what you need there.  I have links posted for all those items.


Q: How much time do I need to set aside?

A: Each "round" of 12 exercises takes 12 minutes.  My suggestion is 2 or 3 rounds depending on your fitness level.  Typically most of us will be doing 2 rounds or 24 minutes.


Q: What intensity level is best to choose?

A:  The videos will show 3 or 4 different levels to choose from.  You want to be working at a level that challenges you.  For best results try the option just above what you THINK you can do. When you hit your "fatigue" point, drop to the level down and try just a touch easier if needed to finish the 40 seconds.  But keep trying to push just a bit more and see if you can get to the next level on the next 12 weeks.


Q: Can I do it?

A: Yes you can!  Just choose a fitness level that works for you.  There are options that do NOT recquire getting on the ground.  If you have serious difficulty with exercise, we created a REAL beginner option for you.  You are welcome!


Q:  Why "Phazes"

A: The name Phazes Fitness was chosen deliberately.  Before I started my fitness business I was frustrated with the lack of help for what I call "TRUE beginners" AND had a progressive workout program to challenge the most elite athletes.  As I created this program, at first it was not gentle enough for serious beginners and I had to offer more and more gentle options instead of being a Bootcamp hard-core instructor.  My heart ached for those that struggled with movement.  In the Phazes Circuit at my studio I would have a new person come in that was 400 pounds with knee issues that hadn't exercised in years come in and do the circuit on a level that worked for them.  Right next to that person I ALSO had an Ironman competitor doing the same program but on the challenge levels.  As beginner clients progressed, I watched those that could not get on the ground safely gain the strength over time to begin to push toward the intermediate levels and beyond.  I also had 80 year old stroke victims and 30 year old moms all working in the same circuit.  Depending on their "Phaze" (a play on phase) of life would depend on where they chose to work.  It is a sustainable workout plan that can be adjusted depending on where you are in your "PHAZE" of life.





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