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health recovery rest sleep Mar 01, 2019

A good night's rest is crucial to your health.

Your body repairs and heals at night.  Lack of proper rest ages you and effects weight loss and metabolism.

Get your sleep!

How much sleep do you need?  Well the studies are all different.  This depends on your age and your resting metabolic rate.  For most of us, around 8 hours is ideal.  As we get older it seems to be less and less.  

Getting to sleep is the tricky part for many of us.

Here are a few tips to make bed time easier.

1 - Turn off the electronics at least an hour or 2 before bed.  Don't fall asleep with the TV or Cell phone going.  This disrupts sleep patterns and effects you quality of sleep at night.

2 - Don't eat before bed time.  I recommend you haven't eaten for 2 hours before bed.  If you do HAVE to eat something,  try drinking a warm herbal tea first.  If you are still starving, have a SMALL or 1/2 portion of a lean protein and another cup of an herbal tea with lavender. 

3 - I love hot baths.  Taking a Hot bath is like meditation for me.  It's a place I wash off the stress of the day, soak the body, relax and feel amazing.  It really relaxes my entire body.

4 - Do some light stretches.  I have a very simple yoga routine I go through.  I stretch out my sore muscles and feet and back so my sleep isn't effected by my aching muscles from a tough workout.

5 - Put some lotion on.  Every night I rub lotion and essential oils into my feet or often my sweet hubby will do that for me.  Puts me right to sleep when he assists.

6 - Try meditation.  Turn off the noise - maybe listens to some relaxing music.  Clothes your eyes and breathe deep.  Once in a while I listen to stuff I find on Youtube.  Just search for "Sleep meditation."  You should be able to find something you like.

I hope these tips help you have better sleep tonight.

 - Michelle E.

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