Take that assessment!

I ask my clients to do a fitness assessment every 4 weeks to track their results.  It's a scary step.  I hear many of them say they are nervous to even step into that place.  To take that photo, to try and see how long they can hold a plank, time a mile, measure the belly button line, etc...

It's scary to take that step when you are out of shape.    If you are in that place of feeling scary to do that assessment, you are not alone.  Even I get in that space.  Feel the fear and do it anyway!

A fitness assessment can consist of a number of different things.  You can weigh and measure.  You can test how long you hold a plank or wall sit.  You can see how many pushups or pull ups you can do.  You can test your body fat.  You can visit a doctor and get some blood work done.  There are a number of things you can choose to do.

Barebones  -  I suggest testing a skill - like strength and cardio and getting a photo...

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