Remember your "WHY"

In the Holiday Challenge group I have going on, we are about a week into it.

It's amazing to me, but not surprising anymore, how quickly people can lose motivation to do the thing they desire to accomplish.

We get excited about something that can transform us.  We know it is good for us.  We know we need it.  We know the benefits.  So why do we lose the motivation and will power to get it done or keep going.  And why does it get lost so quickly on some people?

Over the years I have discovered that if your "why" isn't strong enough, you will not stick to the program.  If you do not KNOW why you are in it and if that why is  weak, motivation doesn't last.



We are about to take you through the most powerful tool you will ever have for long term health... finding out WHY and making it more of a bigger part of you rather than pushed into the back of your mind.  Let's pull it out to the front and make it the tool you will have to get...

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