Night Cravings

cravings food health nutrition Nov 20, 2019

When talking to my clients about when they screw up their eating plan guess what the answer is...

Night cravings.


They wake up in the morning, have a smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch and at bedtime they eat a package of cookies and go to bed.

Or something like that.

I know for me personally it was after late night at work I would cave and want fries and a soda so bad!


Well, there is an actual science behind why you want to eat sugars and fats at night.  Sometimes it's as simple as you are actually just tired and need to go to bed.  Sometimes it's that you haven't had enough protein throughout the day and you are misreading what your body needs.


Night cravings can do a lot of damage if handled poorly.  Your metabolism slows at night because your body simply needs less calories while you sleep.  So, if you stuff your body with sugar and fats and then go to bed, you body will simply store it as body fat while you sleep.  It then...

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Plan to succeed!

We have just started our winter challenge group.  Clients are chomping at the bit to get started.  They just want to jump in and see results.  I have to stop them and force some of them to take a deep breathe.  Let's just take a couple of days for planning.  Don't stress about getting rolling too fast.

Step one is always plan.  Take the first day of the week and just plan and prepare.  Use the day to map things out.  Do some meal prepping.  Plan your meals.  Plan your shopping lists.  Write down your workout times on your calendar.

When I am mapping out my calendar I put in important dates, commitments, activities, etc...

Next I put in my personal development.  I have found that my personal development time is usually first thing in the morning BEFORE any other commitment anyway.  USUALLY my time for me is before 7:30am.

There are some exception to this.  Like those classes I love and want to attend, some of them...

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Healthy Skin From the Inside

health nutrition skincare Mar 20, 2019

A couple of weeks ago after I spoke at a Women's Forum, I was surprised when a woman came up to me after and asked about my skin care regimen.  I wasn't presenting or selling anything related to skin care.  It took me back for a second.  You see, I don't have one.  I wash my face with soap and water and put on lotion and go.

I rarely ever wear any makeup other than a little eyeliner and eyebrow pencil and that's it.

I am not even brand loyal.  Technically I am a NUSKIN rep.  BUT, I just use their awesome whitening toothpaste and am not currently using their skincare line that I hear is amazing.

I don't know what kind of soap I use.  It's probably something I brought home from a hotel.  My lotion I use currently, I got at Walmart - Neutrogena oil-free SPF 15.  Sometimes I use Oil of Olay.  Seriously.  It changes sometimes.

The question comes back, why then is my skin blemish free and looking radiant most of the time?

Truth is, I...

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