Race report for Another Dam Race 2019

My husband Bill and me and my 2 youngest sons went on an adventure this past weekend.  We signed up for a 10 mile paddling race from Parker Dam Arizona to Parker California.  It's open to kayaks, canoes, Stand up Paddlers, Surf Ski's, you name it!  Pretty much anyone on anything with a paddle is welcome to jump in.  There were even a few Prone paddlers as well as the event. 

Let's just skip talking about the drive there...  Only to mention, we had planned on being there early on Friday for demo day but due to car problems that started halfway there, we took a LOT longer to drive there than we had planned.

So we got there late Friday and checked into our bungalow on the beach of the Colorado River.  Such an awesome place.  So gorgeous!

Saturday morning we got up bright an early.  But since we were only steps away from the start, we took our time getting rolling and heading over.   As the sun was coming through the windows of our...

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