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Phazes Fitness is an online fitness resource for the Phazes 40/20 circuit 12 week transformation program. Phazes specializes in meeting clients where they are and finding a "phaze" of fitness to work from.  Where most programs fail is providing a safe starting place for "real beginners" and continuing to offer progressive levels to work toward as a client gains strength and stamina.  This is a sustainable workout program you can do your entire life pushing or backing off with the trainers as needed.

Created in 2009 by Michelle Ennis, Phazes began as an in studio program done solely with trainers in a fitness studio. As the program gained popularity and changed lives of so many people, Michelle found it necessary to bring it to everyone.  in 2017, Michelle sold her fitness studio to Nikki Revvis of RevvFitness to focus on building the online presence.  RevvFitness Studios in Hurricane Utah still offers the in-studio option for the Phazes 40/20 circuit for it's members and is the location of our video shoot for the 40/20 videos you see here.  It's a great studio.  Stop by if you are ever in Southern Utah.

Michelle Ennis started her fitness career in 1992 in Southern California. In 2000, Michelle moved to Southern Utah with her family.  She took a break from fitness instruction to raise her family.  Michelle is married and has 5 great kids.  In 2008, Michelle found herself overweight and depressed.  Her break away from the world of fitness was too long.  Phazes studio was born as a place for Michelle to get others in shape alongside her own journey.  After losing 60 pounds and keeping it off as well as improving her mental health, Michelle wanted to bring the program she created to get her results to everyone she could.  At age 40 Michelle ran her first marathon when just 5 years earlier she was passing out walking a block! 

Over the years Michelle has accumulated multiple fitness certifications and taught all over southern Utah in fitness studios, resorts and gyms as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Michelle and her husband Bill opened Dig Paddlesports where they rent Paddleboards and kayaks.  But most of all, they teach people to get on the water, get active and have fun outdoors.  

In addition to the Phazes 40/20 circuit, Michelle teaches Dance Fitness, Zumba, Ujam, TRX, SUP Yoga, Paddlefit, Strength training classes, HIIT, Pilates and Yoga. 



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